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Vicarious Books are proud to be the UK agent for ACSI Publishing BV. We highly recommend both the ACSI Camping Card and the ACSI Campsite DVD. The ACSI Camping Card has 3142 participating campsites across Europe, many more than Camping Cheque or other discount camping schemes. With the CampingCard ACSI discount scheme there is no upfront outlay for more expensive camping or freedom cheques that may not be used. The ACSI 2015 Campsite DVD has 8539 campgrounds listed. ACSI inspect all 8539 campsites annually, but only 3142 of these campsites are in the Camping Card discount guidebook for 2016, so not all campsites that have an ACSI sticker in reception are in the discount camping scheme. The ACSI campsite DVD is a computer database and the level of detail is far greater than is found in any campsite book. GPS coordinates are published in both the ACSI DVD and Camping Card Guidebook in the following format N44°52'51" E001°13'13".

Order your 2016 ACSI Camping Card Now

There is no upfront commitment with the CampingCard ACSI and no Camping Cheques to purchase. Having bought the guidebook, card enclosed, simply present the Camping Card at reception of participating campsites to gain your discounted off season pitch price. Discounts are available most of the year, except July and August. Small charges can be made by the campsite to cover tourist or environment taxes and waste disposal.

The only thing you need to do is write your name and address on the back of the ACSI camping card, that presses out from the cover, (see bottom right of picture). You can of course use the campsites all year and at only £14.50 you only need to use it 1-2 nights to start saving.

A clever alphabetical key allows you to choose exactly the campsite you need; C means they accept dogs (which many do), E by a river, F by a lake, and G close to sea. I with public transports.

Countries covered by the 2016 ACSI discount Camping Card
Austria (96), Belgium (57), Croatia (72), Czech Republic (20), Denmark (56), France (1345), Germany (323), Greece (32), Hungary (13), Ireland (15), Italy(289), Luxembourg (25), Netherlands (388), Norway (13), Portugal (23), Slovenia (14), Spain (243), Sweden (26). Switzerland (47), UK (45).

ACSI inspects over 9000 campsites every year and many display the ACSI logo, but it is only the 3142 in this year's guide that offer discount camping. ACSI also produce a DVD campsite guide that lists 8535 campsites including the ones in the discount camping scheme, but does not entitle you to discounted pitch prices and does not come with the membership card.

Who should buy the ACSI Camping Card
The Camping Card scheme is ideal for anyone travelling in Europe this year. Whether you exclusively pitch up at campsites or just occasionally like to use them as pit stops, the ACSI Camping Card scheme will save you money and enable you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest. Anyone travelling to Italy should have a camping card as Italian overnight pitch fees can be extremely expensive.

Essential for all campsite users.

Order your 2016 ACSI Camping Card Now

UK Second Class £2.00.
UK First Class £2.50.
Europe (EU) £5.92.
World £7.60.

ACSI Campsite Guide DVD 2016

Countries Covered by Guide :: Example Entry :: CampingCard

This excellent campsite guide can be used with your laptop, but does not require an internet connection, so is perfect for travelling around. Covering 8539 campsites in 30 countries, each entry is full of detailed information about the site, often with pictures.

ACSI Campsites Everywhere

Countries covered in this interactive guide

Andorra (5), Austria (284), Belgium (149), Bosnia (11),Croatia (136), Czech Republic (102), Denmark (310), Estonia (20), Finland (123), France (2365) and Corsica (44), Germany (1099), Greece (153) and Crete (11), Hungary (126), Ireland (59), Italy (708) and Sicily (43) and Sardinia (40), Latvia (32), Lithuania (25), Luxembourg (50), The Netherlands (685), Norway (182), Poland (104), Portugal (89), Romania (19), Slovakia (23), Slovenia (28), Spain (462), Sweden (275), Switzerland (225), Turkey (41) and the UK (522).

Extremely detailed information is provided about the ablutions, for example 1261 French campsites provide toilet paper, 2222 have individual wash cubicles with hot water, and 797 have heated toilet blocks. Other French campsite gems are the 1153 sites that have WiFi access and the 1796 that are suitable for the disabled. 1887 sites have a water point within 50 metres of every pitch and allegedly 2728 receptions have English speakers during the day.

The ACSI DVD allows far more information to be contained than in book format, and you can search and sort campsites based on your own preferences. For example of the 2409 campsites in France 129 are open all year, 75 of these have shaded pitches, 86 of these have heated sanitary facilities, 117 of these have lit roads and paths, and 128 allow a dog on a lead.

Example Entry >> Disabled Information

Camping Du Haras ***
Aérodrome Vannes-Meucon
56250 Vannes-Meucon/Monterblanc (Bretagne) France
Tel: (+33) (0)2-97446606
Fax: (+33) (0)2-97444941
e-mail: camping-vannes@wanadoo.fr

General information:
Campsite suitable for the disabled. Opening period: 1/1 up to and including 31/12 Indicative price: EUR 20.00 (GBP 13.48) / EUR 27.00 (GBP 18.20)
Payment possibilities: Eurocard-Mastercard, Visa

Area: 14 ha grossTouring pitches: 100 (Area 100 - 200m2) Permanent pitches: 40
Location: Shopping opportunities within 5 kmDistance to the sea (max. 10 km) 10 kmAltitude: 147m
Route description: Route planner
N165/E60 Vannes-Lorient, exit Aerodrome Vannes-Meucon. Follow the signs to the airport. Just before the control tower turn left and follow the signs to the paraschool, then turn left. The camp site is left after 300 metres.

There is route planner software (like autoroute) included; it is this programming that forms the structure of the guide. When you select a country maps come up with little red tents representing the campsites. Now you can plan your route between campsites to include your own points of interest.

Reservations could not be simpler, you can produce a letter in the relevant language by filling in a simple tick box form, you may then email these to the address provided.

Disabled information is provided in the following way:
"In order to be classified as a disabled campsite, it must meet a minimum number of conditions such as a disabled toilet and shower. The standards have been set in consultation with the council for the disabled."
Disabled persons: separated within the toilet building (either required)
A shower (150cms x 150cms minimum) and a toilet (165x220cms or 190cms x 190cms minimum)

Disabled persons: extra amenities in the sanitary facilities
Door-springs light enough (3-4 kgs pressure)
Washing and toilet facilities for disabled people in the same building as for the other campers
Shower seat (collapsible or movable) approx. 48 cms high

Special parking spaces for disabled people.

Minimum system requirements to install the DVD:
Windows XP SP3/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8, 1024x768, DVD drive, Internet Explorer 6. Space on hard drive 4,4GB.

The DVD will only work on a window computer and will not work on an Apple (tablet or Mac) or ARM tablet (Windows RT).

Vicarious Books is the UK ACSI Agent.

 Order your 2016 ACSI Camping Card Now

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